AVaspo presents toxoplasmotic performance “Gondii Syndrome”

2014-10-19, 13:37

Audiovisual poetry band “AVaspo” together with dramaturge Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, theatre director Saulė Norkutė and a new creative team  raised the question of contemporary understanding of gender which will transform into a toxoplasmotic performance and presented it  the 15th and 17th of October in Kirtimai culture centre.

The real Gondii syndrome is a toxoplasmic virus, which causes an inflammation, disturbance of the consciousness, orientation and behavioral changes. The syndrome in “AVaspo” musical performance is a diagnostic algorithm, which replicates in each one of us and has specific causes and unpredictable consequences. Not always people actually notice when they have an illness and even when the illness is identified, not always they want to cure it. Not always we fight the stereotypes that surround and limit us or question the hierarchical rules that are cast upon us from above of how we should understand the world we live in every day.


Poetry movie “During the Day”

2014-06-05, 17:29

“During the day’ is a poetry movie based on a song of audiovisual poetry group AVaspo. It’s about the daily actions we take every day and changing modes. During the day many times we meet people, we feel glad, discouraged , we want to be nice to each other , fighting fatigue, dragons, and demons routine . Sometimes the day kaleidoscope is infinitely large, sometimes restricted by daily work habits and dusty schedule. “During the day” combines different parallel ongoing storyboard which together have little in common. In this way, we want to show the mechanism of human activities , in which each character is a certain screw, an important process in the overall movement , but directly influences the other screw . Line of the poem “In the day we love to be filled by algorithms” expresses that really is not all we want and we are able to solve. Rush and employment math  does not allow for longer each other to a halt.

This enhances the sense of alienation of different clips of the selected area. City Life , succinctly embodied in the Vilnius and London skyline speaks of bridges district , market and metro life. Although the forest symbolizes the nostalgic longing for nature, natural rhythms and relaxing, but eventually becomes a kind of labyrinth, in which we try to find a way out of the current situation. But isn’t the city is the new jungle ? And if so, then what’s the difference where we get lost? You might not need to change the way a pilgrim and turning into a military robot, waking up many times daily fight with myself

 Text and voice: Gabrielė Labanauskaitė-Diena (AVaspo)

Music: Vladas Dieninis (AVaspo)

Directors: Justinas Beinorius ir Gabrielė Labanauskaitė-Diena

Camera: Justinas Beinorius, Joh Sena, Mantas Šalčius

Montage: Justinas Beinorius


Dance performance “Melancholijos bokštai”

2013-12-02, 15:37

Dance performance “Melancholijos bokštai” (The Towers of Melancholy), was presented on November 14th in National Kaunas Drama Theater.

Choreographer – Aira Naginevičiūtė, playwright – Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, composer – Vladas Dieninis, scenography – Arūnas Adomaitis, lights – Vladimiras Šerstabojevas.
Performers: Goda Laurinavičiūtė, Greta Grinevičiūtė, Gabrielė Labanauskaitė.

Initiators: Kaunas artist’s house, dance theatre AIROS, and a venomous audiovisual poetry snake AVaspo.

Photographer Kristina Čyžiūtė.

Performance – concert “Atnaujinti Ritualai / Recycling Rituals”

2013-07-03, 15:20

Atnaujinti Ritualai Recycling Rituals

On the 5th of July – the “Culture Night / Kultūros naktis” – music club “Kablys / The Hook” will become “The North Hook / Šiaurės kablys”, which is going to hook/catch you up with its program, presenting fascinating Nordic Countries which become more and more familiar to Lithuanians. At the event you will witness unique premiere, performance of the concert “Recycling Rituals / Atnaujinti Ritualai”, that will be presented only once during the “Culture Night / Kultūros naktis”. This is concert – spectacle, initiated and performed by audiovisual poetry group  “Avaspo” together with creative partners from Scandinavia: Swedish Julia Giertz from electronic group “The Mob” and choreographer, dancer Riikka Ihalainen.

Recycled Rituals / Atnaujinti Ritualai” will present daily and communal rituals through perspective of new, modern – urban and cosmopolitan worldview. It will be researched if rituals are necessary to contemporary city and its citizen – within artistic, but socially active and interactive prism. If so, what are they in the fast-paced world of today?
“Performance is the presentation of a process achieved during creative workshops which will take place a week before the event. Exactly – process, but not the result. Because rituals never end. They repeat as a cycle, renew, transform. We will be trying to spin the wheel of ours archaism, geography and personal experiences and share it with the gathered audience” – says director of art Gabrielė Labanauskaitė.


The band “AVaspo” which brings together poetry, music and visualizations, creates soundtracks for short films, poetry and visual installations, performances and since 2008 is presenting its works in festivals of modern art and literature in Lithuania and Europe,.

Electro-pop band called “The Mob” (SWE) which is organizing performances, installations, electro-pop concerts, doing tours in Europe and USA since 2007. Performance of The Mob represents pop culture, music and dance. One of group members Julia Giertz, participating in the Project, is eagerly waiting for the trip to Lithuania – she has never been here before and is Julia expecting to find new inspirations and forms of expression.

Totally fluent in Lithuanian and currently living in Lithuania, Finnish artist Riikka Ilhalainen has performed in dance groups in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, and at the moment is teaching modern dance at Gymnasium of Arts of M. K. Čiurlionis. Riikka is exploring secret wishes and habits through her work, studies audience and new ways to its heart.

Program “The North Hook / Šiaurės Kablys” is presented by Nordic Council of Ministers Office together with Embassies of Norway, Sweden and Finland in Lithuania.
Partners: Culture bar “The Hook / Kablys”, Hostel “Jamaica”.


Soundtracks for animation features

2012-10-17, 21:10

Vladislavas Starevičius – a Lithuanian artist from the first part of the 20th century who is titled as a pioneer in puppet animation. The retrospective of Starevičius’ works was presented in the “Culture Night 2012” event. It was accompanied by new soundtracks created by French pianist Jacques Cambra, audiovisual poetry band AVaspo and music duo comprising Vytautas Labutis and Remigijus Rančius. The retrospective was attended by Léona-Béatrice Martin Starewitch, a granddaughter of the legendary artist. She takes care of preserving Starevičius films and puppets and continues to present it to the world. Mrs. Starewitch was fascinated by AVaspo‘s experimental approach. Soundtrack for the film „A Cricket and an Ant“ was made only with vocal variations, without using any other musical instruments. This surprising take opened up possibilities for fresh interpretations of this unique animation feature.

Vladislavas Starevičius – XX a. pradžioje Lietuvoje kūręs, lėlinės animacijos pradininku tituluojamas menininkas. Renginyje „Kultūros naktis 2012”, Vladislavo Starevičiaus filmų retrospektyvos proga naują garso takelį jai ruošė prancūzų pianistas Jacques Cambra, audiovizualinės poezijos grupė „AVaspo” ir  muzikantų Vytauto Labučio bei Remigijaus Rančio duetas.

Retrospektyvoje dalyvavo legendinio animatoriaus anūkė – p. Léona-Béatrice Martin Starewitch, kuri rūpinasi Starevičiaus juostų ir lėlių saugojimu bei viešinimu, liko sužavėta eksperimentine Avaspo versija. Vien tik vokalinėmis variacijomis, iš balso be jokių instrumentų kuriamas garso takelis animacijos filmukui ,,Svirplys ir skruzdėlė” – netikėtas sprendimas, suteikiantis naujas interpretacines galimybes unikaliam V. Starevičiaus kūriniui.

“Culture Night” presents AVaspo’s performance about solitude

2011-06-17, 14:49

A rare and unique combination of performance, concert and art installation was presented during the “Culture Night 2011” event.

“A window of solitude shows silent cinema” – this one line from a poem by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, writer for “Avaspo“, became an axle for a collaboration venture, connecting audiovisual poetry band and two French visual artists Nicolas Perge and Raphael Dupont.

“De Solitude/Vienatvė” draws a dotted dramaturgic line, where strokes of poetry, musical feelings, performativity and visual stories meet.



2009-08-17, 21:06

Metropolis, a legendary movie directed by Fritz Lang in 1927, has been revived again during the event “52 weeks of cinema”. Men of AVaspo, joined by multi-instrumentalist Andrius Grigorjevas, but left to perform without vocalist Gabrielė, have made their soundtrack contribution for this masterpiece in the August of 2009, performing live in a movie theater “Skalvija”. Here are some excerpts for your ears pleasure: Soundtrack from scene 1 Soundtrack from scene 2 Soundtrack from scene 3 Soundtrack from scene 4