Poetry movie “During the Day”

2014-06-05, 17:29

“During the day’ is a poetry movie based on a song of audiovisual poetry group AVaspo. It’s about the daily actions we take every day and changing modes. During the day many times we meet people, we feel glad, discouraged , we want to be nice to each other , fighting fatigue, dragons, and demons routine . Sometimes the day kaleidoscope is infinitely large, sometimes restricted by daily work habits and dusty schedule. “During the day” combines different parallel ongoing storyboard which together have little in common. In this way, we want to show the mechanism of human activities , in which each character is a certain screw, an important process in the overall movement , but directly influences the other screw . Line of the poem “In the day we love to be filled by algorithms” expresses that really is not all we want and we are able to solve. Rush and employment math  does not allow for longer each other to a halt.

This enhances the sense of alienation of different clips of the selected area. City Life , succinctly embodied in the Vilnius and London skyline speaks of bridges district , market and metro life. Although the forest symbolizes the nostalgic longing for nature, natural rhythms and relaxing, but eventually becomes a kind of labyrinth, in which we try to find a way out of the current situation. But isn’t the city is the new jungle ? And if so, then what’s the difference where we get lost? You might not need to change the way a pilgrim and turning into a military robot, waking up many times daily fight with myself

 Text and voice: Gabrielė Labanauskaitė-Diena (AVaspo)

Music: Vladas Dieninis (AVaspo)

Directors: Justinas Beinorius ir Gabrielė Labanauskaitė-Diena

Camera: Justinas Beinorius, Joh Sena, Mantas Šalčius

Montage: Justinas Beinorius