Performance – concert “Atnaujinti Ritualai / Recycling Rituals”

2013-07-03, 15:20

Atnaujinti Ritualai Recycling Rituals

On the 5th of July – the “Culture Night / Kultūros naktis” – music club “Kablys / The Hook” will become “The North Hook / Šiaurės kablys”, which is going to hook/catch you up with its program, presenting fascinating Nordic Countries which become more and more familiar to Lithuanians. At the event you will witness unique premiere, performance of the concert “Recycling Rituals / Atnaujinti Ritualai”, that will be presented only once during the “Culture Night / Kultūros naktis”. This is concert – spectacle, initiated and performed by audiovisual poetry group  “Avaspo” together with creative partners from Scandinavia: Swedish Julia Giertz from electronic group “The Mob” and choreographer, dancer Riikka Ihalainen.

Recycled Rituals / Atnaujinti Ritualai” will present daily and communal rituals through perspective of new, modern – urban and cosmopolitan worldview. It will be researched if rituals are necessary to contemporary city and its citizen – within artistic, but socially active and interactive prism. If so, what are they in the fast-paced world of today?
“Performance is the presentation of a process achieved during creative workshops which will take place a week before the event. Exactly – process, but not the result. Because rituals never end. They repeat as a cycle, renew, transform. We will be trying to spin the wheel of ours archaism, geography and personal experiences and share it with the gathered audience” – says director of art Gabrielė Labanauskaitė.


The band “AVaspo” which brings together poetry, music and visualizations, creates soundtracks for short films, poetry and visual installations, performances and since 2008 is presenting its works in festivals of modern art and literature in Lithuania and Europe,.

Electro-pop band called “The Mob” (SWE) which is organizing performances, installations, electro-pop concerts, doing tours in Europe and USA since 2007. Performance of The Mob represents pop culture, music and dance. One of group members Julia Giertz, participating in the Project, is eagerly waiting for the trip to Lithuania – she has never been here before and is Julia expecting to find new inspirations and forms of expression.

Totally fluent in Lithuanian and currently living in Lithuania, Finnish artist Riikka Ilhalainen has performed in dance groups in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, and at the moment is teaching modern dance at Gymnasium of Arts of M. K. Čiurlionis. Riikka is exploring secret wishes and habits through her work, studies audience and new ways to its heart.

Program “The North Hook / Šiaurės Kablys” is presented by Nordic Council of Ministers Office together with Embassies of Norway, Sweden and Finland in Lithuania.
Partners: Culture bar “The Hook / Kablys”, Hostel “Jamaica”.