“Culture Night” presents AVaspo’s performance about solitude

2011-06-17, 14:49

A rare and unique combination of performance, concert and art installation was presented during the “Culture Night 2011” event.

“A window of solitude shows silent cinema” – this one line from a poem by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, writer for “Avaspo“, became an axle for a collaboration venture, connecting audiovisual poetry band and two French visual artists Nicolas Perge and Raphael Dupont.

“De Solitude/Vienatvė” draws a dotted dramaturgic line, where strokes of poetry, musical feelings, performativity and visual stories meet.

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“De Solitude/Vienatvė” is an installation, one day exhibition, renouncing stereotypical features of traditional concert and visual presentation. Opposition between the scene and the audience is repudiated. Configuration of the beginning and the end is opaque. Therefore a viewer is not obliged to experience the whole three hour duration show; fragmentary approach is also possible and sufficient.

Raphael Dupont and Nicolas Perge, who created visual material and directed “De Solitude”, hadn’t worked together before. Raphael Dupont creates video installations and sets for audiovisual performances, he is well known across Europe. He often works with various art projects in different countries.

Nicolas Perge, a director working with experimental cinema, has gained fame in France; his works were shown in several festivals and on French TV. Nicolas and Raphael met each other through the joint initiative of the French Institute in Vilnius and “Culture Night” organizers.

“I think it is very important to speak about solitude and loneliness. This feeling is familiar for everyone. With our performance we try to reveal as many faces of solitude as we can. Several artists are confined and isolated in a set, which basically is a glass construction. This accounts for man’s loneliness, even among other people. We want to render this feeling, bring viewers to a philosophical abyss and at the same time to produce an artistic delight. As far as I know, it is one of the first this type of performances in Lithuania. Therefore the creative process is more interesting, but it also imparts us greater responsibility for our creative deeds. ” – said Nicolas Perge, director of the performance.

„De Solitude“ team: Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, Rytis Koreniukas, Vladas Dieninis, Pavel Kostiukov, Tomas Verbaitis, Raphael Dupont, Nicolas Perge.

Premiere: June 18, 2011, VU Sarbievijus courtyard (Universiteto str. 3)