5th Birthday: AVaspo no. 5

2012-11-22, 19:07

Each December, when we are one step closer to a new life, or rather, one step closer to cross the verge of the New Year, an existential unease dawns on us. Who are we? Where are we going? Are we moving towards the direction we so yearned to go? And finally, do we really need to set a direction for ourselves?

So many things had happened during the last five years: while being just three of us, we gained momentum; we also had pinnacle stages, when the chemistry of sound, contrived by our musicians, reached crescendo; there was also an upshot from the last year, which was a testament – a testament either of the end, or of the outcry to phoenix for help, so we could rise as he did from the ashes. Phoenix did come, and, very naturally for AVaspo, brought not only new musical direction, but also a different outlook towards the harmony of music and poetry.

Having observed our concert guests and internet friends, we can tell that a part of them are changing in accordance with our musical style. Some members of our old audiences remain the same – they travel with us in the maze we journey through. I believe our lungs share the same air, together we inhale the oxygen of constant search and discovery. It is the same smell which cannot be mistaken for anything else, just this band. Not because we are better. Because we are different.

2012 12 27 AVaspo no. 5

SOHO club (Švitrigailos g. 7/16,  Vilnius)



Flesh Flash


Maida Bazaar

Entrance: 15/10* Lt

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